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     About My Metatrader Trade Blog : 
I created this blog of my mt4 charts to document my trades and give others an inside transparent look into my own success with forex trading.

     About Me ( 7 Years Later ) : 
I'm no different than most traders. I have blown 5 accounts in my days and tried every popular indicator with minor success. If I knew back then it would take me this long to succeed, I may of never started trading, but nonetheless I'm glad I did. I don't consider myself an expert yet, but more of an "advanced level" intermediate trader.

     My Trading Tools of Choice : 
1. My first observation to price comes from a simple understanding of single price candles - how they form, WHERE they form plus their reaction and speed.

2. Fibonacci is my price measuring tool and the second critical ingredient to trading.

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       My Current Trading Performance:
       26 losses 128 wins Win Rate = 83.11%

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Categories: Winning Trades

AudUsd Short

I took 3 entries on this trade down. Scaled out two on the way to take profit. Total for all 3 trades was 35 pips. Not bad as we near the holiday with momentum slowing.


Categories: Other


Looking for a long entry with a target near 125.62

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